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Management Profile in Phyllodes Tumor at Sardjito General Hospital From 2009-2011

Francisca Christauriza* , Herjuna Hardiyanto**

*Surgery Dept. FK UGM/RSUP Dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta

**Oncology Surgery FK UGM/RSUP Dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta




Breast phyllodes tumors are rare fibroepithelial neoplasms that need to be distinguished from the common morphologically similar fibroadenomas, because phyllodes tumors can recur and progress to malignancy. The study addresses the controversial prognostic and therapeutic aspects of phyllodes tumor of the breast


We collected all af Medical Records of the patients with diagnosed Phyllodes tumor histologically from January 2009 untill December 2011. Then we reviewed the Medical Records for the kind of the treatment for that diagnosed and we noted it and grouping it according to the group.


Records of 15 women with phyllodes tumor of the breast were reviewed. On the basis of the criteria proposed by Azzopardi and Salvadori et al., including estimation of tumor margin, growth of the connective tissue component, mitoses, and cellular atypia, the entire series was divided into two histotypes of phyllodes tumor, i.e., benign (6 cases, 40%), and malignant (9 cases, 60%). One patients (6,67%) were treated by wide excision and it was benign, 10 (66,67%) by simple mastectomy (4 benign, and 6 malignant), and 4 (26,27%) by radical mastectomy (all malignant).


Management of phyllodes tumor in Sardjito General Hospital in three past year was most of the case treated with the simple mastectomy. Only one patient was treated with wide excision and the other still need the modified radical mastectomy. The choice of treatment was based on the clinically finding during operation and had confirmed by the result of the histological finding from the anatomical pathology laboratories.


Keywords: phyllodes, mastectomy

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